Intelligent searchable Audio Transcriptions

Making the Audio content you create or find searchable and shareable

For podcast producers, listeners, sales engagement and education

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AudioSignals for Podcast Producers

Add your podcasts to your own websites

Automatically created snippets

Summarised podcast version available

Make your audio content into great SEO

Improve your sites searchability

Keep visitors on your site for longer

Encourage listeners to share your content

Group your podcasts into logical categories

Allow visitors to search all your podcast content quickly and logically

AudioSignals for podcast listeners

Create searchable transcription content from almost any podcast/audio

Group podcasts into logical shareable directories, perfect for:

Internal training

Customer advice and training

Sales engagement (connect to your CRM ) and increase sales

Great way to bring content together for any type of education

Automatically created snippets

Summarised podcast version available – perfect for revision exercises

Intelligent Transcriptions

Fast transcription of any audio or video file Output includes a breakdown by speaker AI selects keywords and groups them by :








User defined

Transcriptions can then be searched by any word but also by just selecting any of the above entities

Entities can be added to, amended or deleted

Transcription output can be edited

Transcription output will highlight words of low confidence(no transcription is 100% perfect)

Transcription can extract snippets based on sentiment, these can be shared

Any documents can have the AI process applied to it

Keywords and snippets create data for SEO

Transcriptions available from $10

Full manually curated Transcriptions available

Highest quality transcription with all the same key word extraction.

Your transcription will be edited and double checked by our staff. Perfect for some financial and medical reporting.

Manual Transcriptions are available from $90 per hour

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